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There is no greater motivation than knowing that others believe in you.

Wouldn’t it be great if we were all intrinsically motivated and not dependent on external influences? It would be the perfect situation – everyone trying their hardest, focused on the loftiest goals and not quitting until the goals were achieved. This is a wonderful picture, but it’s not reality. We’re human beings dealing daily with our strengths and inadequacies.

How do we get off the sidelines, get into the game and win? We’ve learned that extrinsic motivation is an important catalyst. Outside influences are a key in moving performance to a higher level. Competition, visibility, and recognition fuel performance.

Measuring team performance forces a new perspective on individual expectations through visible goals and responsibilities. The productive, positive leaders on a team move to the front and become the driving force. Creating this positive visibility raises the emotional level and forces engagement, while highlighting measurements and performance. When performance becomes visible in our circles of influence, we will do almost anything to succeed!


Understanding what needs to be done to succeed is the first step towards maximizing performance. Healthy competition with set goals and rewards encourages positivity, visibility, and success.


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